TRASHWATER is committed to providing clean water solutions that primarily, but not exclusively, revolve around two methods: ultraviolet purification and ceramic filtrationThese methods both serve distinct purposes:

UV PURIFICATION | Our primary large-scale system which can produce up to 5000 gallons of water per day. These systems are strategically placed in schools, or a similar central facility, in order to provide clean water to the surrounding community. Ultraviolet systems are highly effective against viruses and bacteria.

CERAMIC FILTRATION | Point-of-use filtration systems. These systems are provided to households to help provide clean water for their everyday needs. Ceramic filtration is a low-cost, low-tech solution that is effective against bacteria with a proven reduction for diarrhoeal disease incidence. Trashwater’s filters are locally produced in Nicaragua.

Together these methods allow for quick and effective expansion into new communities. As Trashwater grows, we are confident these programs can successfully be replicated anywhere in the world. We are committed to long term relationships with the communities we serve for the purpose of ongoing education, program development, project evaluation, and sustainable impact.