It is hard to believe that seven years have flown by since the installation of Trashwater’s first project at the Imagine Ministries Education and Feeding program in Los Brasiles, Nicaragua. All these years later, we still maintain that initial UV Purification System as it works to provide clean, safe drinking water to nearly 100 children every day. It may be smaller than many of our newer projects, but it is just as important.

Along with our partners, One Million Goal, we will be heading back to Nicaragua in April to continue our work. There are three primary goals for this trip:

  1. Install two UV purification systems: One at a boy’s home in La Chureca and the other at a public school in Los Brasiles with over 1,500 students
  2. Check on our existing projects
  3. Spend time with our Nicaraguan partners and friends in order to ensure that we are serving them to the best of our abilities

In addition to this trip, we are also teaming up with a lab in Managua, Nicaragua to run tests on all of our existing projects and some potential sites we would like to explore. These tests will help to quantify the effectiveness of the current solutions, identify areas that need more attention, and help direct future expansion. We are very excited about these tests, as they will help shape our planning efforts going forward.

Trashwater has not be able to make these accomplishments alone. We rely heavily on the generosity of others and ask you to consider making a donation toward our cause. We cannot do this without your support. It has been an honor to serve the people of Nicaragua for the past seven years and I look forward to the years to come. Thank you for making it possible for us to do this work.  

Joshua Sanders | Executive Director, Trashwater International


First UV Purification System at Imagine Ministries