In April of 2016, the Trashwater team had the opportunity to return to Nicaragua to continue our work of providing clean water and sanitation to our community partners. This was Trashwater's most fast and furious trip to date. In a matter of days, the team held several water and sanitation classes, distributed filters and stoves, and installed a purification system. Miraculously, we were also able to find the time to meet with new and existing partners as well as scout out a few potential projects. We are very excited by some of the future opportunities this trip has unveiled! 

The generosity of our supporters allows Trashwater to impact the lives of many by providing resources previously unavailable. With a little more help, we will be able to provide even more on our next trip and plan for bigger and better future projects. 


  • 55 Ceramic Filters Distributed
  • 20 Rocket Stoves Distributed 
  • 1 UV Purification System Installed
  • 3 Water and Sanitation Classes